Happy Holiday


Thanks Gina for helping me do that post!

I would like also to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!


I thought I would share a success story with you from Rosny LINC.

Recent clients have been two young women in the Justice system. They are both working towards participation in Polytechnic courses – in hairdressing and diesel mechanics respectively.

Our tutors have worked hard – combing the Net for numeracy materials to support these young women to achieve their goals. The Polytechnic have supplied materials so the Diesel mechanic student can start on actual course work in advance.

Our tutors were really touched when they visited last week and were presented with hand made cards. The young women shared some poetry they had written – then sang them a song they had written about the waste of the three months in prison and their intention to turn their lives around.

One has been released and we are encouraging her to seek ongoing support from the LINC near her while she does her course. She has given permission to the tutor to link her up with the program up North.

We have every hope of them achieving a brighter future.

thank you so much for the support you have given me through the year, you are the best group of people to work with and i always enjoy getting to see everyone at our meetings. have the best christmas and new year-wishing you all health, wealth and happiness for the coming year



For a town that looks like it has no migrants other than the doctors who come and go and those who run takeaway shops, I’ve met an awful lot of migrants lately! I kept wondering how they knew about us? I mean why is that with all their problems with language, they keep finding us but ‘Aussies’ don’t.

Well yesterday I found out … Stacey. God bless her, she’s so happy with the program that every time she meets a new, fellow migrant she tells them about us. Whether she’s playing badminton, volunteering at Red Cross, confusing the butcher or waiting at a bus stop, everyone is fair game. Then I get the phone call, ‘Libby, it’s Stacey. I hope you don’t mind (giggle) but I have another student for you’.

So, isn’t it strange how you can walk around and shut your eyes to what’s in front of you and then something happens,  your eyes are opened and that’s it – you just can’t shut them again. Thanks to Stacey, I’ve remembered that no fancy marketing, publicity or promotion will ever work better than the right word at the right time from someone who’s trusted.

All our current and past students is a potential bus stop advertisement that someone may see while they wait for ‘something’ to come along. I guess our job is to make sure we put the bus stop where it’s needed, go where we say we’re going and be prepared to change our route when we notice the need has changed.

Now, where can I find more Staceys, Trevors, Julies, Shanes ….. ?   Libby

I have finally found a way to edit IPod movies (MPEG4 files) with Movie Maker on Windows XP!!! To make it work you have to download a program to your PC and use it to convert the IPod movie to a different format. Then Movie Maker can import and edit it.

  1. Download Winff from http://winff.org/html_new/downloads.html and install on your PC
  2. Run Winff and then set the options as shown in this screen shot
  3. Click the + button, add your file
  4. Click Convert.
  5. You should now be able open the AVI file with Movie Maker. 🙂
One other tip I’ll give you is, if you find that Windows Media Player won’t play your movie, download ffdshow from http://ffdshow-tryout.sourceforge.net/ Don’t worry about changing anything in the setup (it can be quite complex), just install it and accept everything as is. You can play just about any file you like now.
Cheers, John

amazing outcome


So far we have had 3 literacy volunteers gain PAID work with the dept through Glenorchy LINC

We have 3 literacy clients gaining volunteer experience

  • One with steps to the future
  • One with a community house
  • One within the LINC  

The journeys of these clients or volunteers are not just literacy stories, they encompass social parity, community engagement, social development, reduced isolation, develop life long learning pathways and generally are just a bloody good out come.  

Thank you Mandy for enveloping an environment that not only allows this to happen, but also to the staff who embrace both client and volunteer (even when we have had to take over the tea room at times) so ……………….HUGH, MASSIVE, SUPER sized HUG to all of you, your fantastic!


She rang earlier this week.  I recognised her voice straight away.  Despite the learning barriers that she has had since birth she really wants to gain the skills so that she can read a story book to her toddler. 

“Have you got me a tutor yet Anne-Marie?”

“No, sorry, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about you and I am working on it.”

“Ok” she said…

I hope a new already trained/experienced tutor walks through the door this week… I hope that they like working with clients who have learning barriers.